How Biocorneum


How Biocorneum

Learn how BIOCORNEUM works

The International Clinical Recommendations on Scar Management named silicone as the single most recommended topical (non-invasive) treatment for scars.4

The Science of Scar Reduction

BIOCORNEUM’s key ingredient, Silishield® Technology crosslinked silicone, advances the benefits of traditional silicone sheeting through the comfort and ease of a gel. Silishield forms a protective shield over the scar area that is optimal for scar healing and cosmetic improvement.

Silishield’s technology, made with medical grade silicone, helps to keep skin hydrated and helps control excessive collagen formation that contributes to abnormal scarring.5

Sunscreen products protect the area from sun exposure’s darkening effects while BIOCORNEUM maintains its silky-smooth feel and clear appearance.

You Hold Scar Healing in Your Hand

Silicone gel is effective as a treatment if it is in contact with the scar area 24 hours a day for the duration of the treatment. BIOCORNEUM puts you in control. Do your part by applying it twice a day for the length of treatment your doctor recommends.

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Recommended Minimum Treatment Time

For maximum effectiveness, use BIOCORNEUM consistently for the duration of treatment advised by your physician.

  • New scars:60 DAYS
  • Old scars:  90 DAYS


  • Ensure that the affected area is clean and dry.
  • Apply a thin, even layer two times a day (morning and evening) over the scar area.
  • Allow to dry completely.
  • After application wait 15 minutes before sun exposure.
  • Once dry, BIOCORNEUM can be covered with pressure garments, clothing, cosmetics or additional sunscreen as needed.

BIOCORNEUM should have 24-hour contact with the scar area for the duration of the treatment. This can be achieved by applying BIOCORNEUM twice a day.

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